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The Writing Center offers individual and group tutorial assistance on any college writing task, from papers and lab reports in any stage of completion to resumes and application essays.

The Center is directed by an English Department faculty member and staffed by professional writing instructors as well as students from various major and minor fields chosen for their superior writing and teaching skills.

We welcome students of all abilities. As communicators ourselves, we understand that words need to resonate with others. We improve as writers and speakers by learning how the choices we make affect our audience. Effective communication requires an audience, especially one capable of responding thoughtfully, asking good questions, and offering helpful suggestions. Our consultants strive to be such an audience.

Our Approach: Staff do not proofread or edit student work; rather, they help students analyze and strengthen their own composing process, so they become more articulate and confident as writers. During your conference, a Writing Center consultant will work collaboratively with you, reading through your document, asking questions and providing helpful observations and advice.

In keeping with the Honor System, students who use our service must acknowledge Writing Center help on any project they submit for a grade.

Oral Presentations: Work with one of our consultants on the design and delivery of your oral project. Use the online scheduler to sign up for a meeting with one of our consultants designated writing/oral.

Open Hours: The Writing Center’s open hours are Sunday, 6-10 PM; Monday – Thursday, 1-5 PM and 6-10 PM during Fall and Winter terms. Spring term hours will vary.

Peer and professional consultants can help with various writing projects and oral presentations

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Contact Professor Bill Oliver, Writing Center Director.

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