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Our Subject Support Centers are designated spaces on campus where you can receive support with particular subjects on a drop-in basis. Each Center is established as a result of a unique collaboration between the Harte Center and faculty members across campus.

A Subject Support Center is particularly useful in receiving help with a course that is not included in the Harte Center’s Peer Tutoring Program. Alternatively, students may wish to use a Subject Support Center as a structured place in which to study, complete assignments, and ask questions.

Each Center is open on specific days and times of the week as listed below. We are pleased to offer support in the following subjects this Winter 2023 term:

LATN 101 & 201
Leyburn 109
Monday 7-9 PM
Wednesday 5-7 PM

Prof Michael Laughy
Professor of Classics

MUS 100
Michael McLaughlin 23′
Department Student Teaching Assistant

ECON 100
Leyburn 121 & 122
Tuesday 7-9 PM
Thursday 7-9:30 PM

Lauren Ellenz 23′
Mark Fasciocco 23′
Oskar Freiherr von Mandelsloh 24′
Isabel Lourie 24′

Computer Science
Parmly 405
Sunday-Tuesday 7-9 PM EST
Thursday 7-9 PM EST

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