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2022-23 peer tutors outside of Huntley Hall

Meet with a peer tutor for support with a course

The Peer Tutoring Program provides assistance for students with the academic content of their courses. Upper-division students are available to tutor students in most lower-level courses at the University, free of charge. 

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      Program Mission Statement

      To foster a positive and encouraging learning environment where diverse groups of students can achieve academic success. Through working in partnership, highly skilled tutors will empower students by providing them with the tools to become effective independent learners while increasing their confidence in their skills and abilities.

      What can a peer tutor help me with?

      Our peer tutors can help to strengthen your knowledge of a particular course or subject. Tutors are not there to do the work for you; rather they will guide your learning, enabling you to become more confident and independent in your understanding of the course material.


      How does the process work?

      Please fill in a peer tutor request form using the button above. Once you have done so, our Peer Tutoring Coordinator will match your request with a qualified peer tutor. You will then be copied into an email with your peer tutor to begin the process. We encourage students to benefit from peer tutoring for however long they need it.


      What can I expect in a tutoring session?

      This will largely depend on your unique needs as a student. Tutors will usually start a session by understanding your learning goals, and the particular challenges you might be experiencing with the course content. The tutoring session will then be tailored to the information provided. Tutors are trained to ask effective open-ended questions throughout the session to guide your understanding of important course concepts and ideas.


      Who can participate in peer tutoring?

      All students can attend peer tutoring. The Tutoring Program is not only for students who are struggling, but for those who would like an extra boost towards achieving a desired success level in their classes. Students report that the chance to study alongside a peer boosts their motivation and desire to learn.


      What classes can I get tutoring in?

      Our tutors support a range of entry-level courses across multiple subject areas. If for some reason, we cannot find a tutor for the course you request, we will suggest alternative forms of academic support.


      What are the benefits of peer tutoring?

      • Develop your understanding of course material.
      • Increase your confidence as a learner (self-efficacy).
      • Increase your independence in studying and learning.
      • Work through problems and ideas in a supportive and non-judgmental setting.
      • Build a relationship with a peer over an extended period of time.


      Trained Peer Tutors (2022-23)

      Peer Tutor Requests (Fall 2022)

      Become a Peer Tutor

      We welcome suitably qualified students to apply to be a peer tutor for the 2023-24 academic year. More information on how to apply will be available soon. 

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