Enhance your studying and learning through academic coaching

Whether you are experiencing challenges with your learning and studying or just want to perform better in college, academic coaching can help. Through oneonone coaching, you will develop your academic practices, as well as your confidence in using a range of strategies and techniques to reach your full potential. 

Dr. Adam Scales, Assistant Director of Academic Resources, offers oneonone coaching for academic success. Further information on academic coaching is outlined below. 

    What is academic coaching?

    Academic coaching is a one-on-one partnership between a student and a coach. Through a dialogue tailored to the student’s needs, interests, and goals, coaching provides students with a space to enhance their academic practices and their confidence as learners (self-efficacy) to maximize their success in college and beyond.

    What can an academic coach support me with?

    Students benefit from academic coaching in the following areas:

    • Adjustment to college learning
    • Time management and organization
    • Motivation and procrastination
    • Study strategies
    • Reading and note-taking
    • Test-taking and exam preparation
    • Making the most of your classes 
    • Effective group working
    What does an academic coach not do?
    • We don’t give you the answers but provide tools and strategies to empower your growth to self-discovery.
    • We don’t do your work for you.
    • We don’t offer tutoring or subject-specific advice.
    • We don’t advise on what grades you will receive.
    • We don’t take responsibility for the grades you receive.
    • We don’t advise on your current or future class schedule. Your Academic Advisor will be happy to assist you.
    How can I prepare for my academic coaching session?

    Before your session, consider specific areas of your studying and/or learning you would like support with. You may also find it useful to prepare a list of questions you’d like to address with your academic coach to bring to the session with you.

      How can I make the most of my academic coaching session?

      During the session, we encourage students to be open about their experiences and ask specific questions to make the most of their time with an academic coach. We also encourage students to take notes during the session as these will be useful when applying strategies to your studying and/or learning in the future.

      How many sessions will I need with an academic coach?

      Some students benefit from one coaching session and feel empowered to move forward independently. Other students attend coaching over the course of a semester or longer. You will have an opportunity to plan a coaching schedule with an academic coach during your first session.

      What other forms of support are available?

      There is a range of dedicated support services on campus to support your academic needs. For example, you may meet with your academic advisor, class dean, and professors; or take advantage of the many campus resources to support your personal and professional growth.

      We also have a team of Peer Academic Coaches (PAC) who are current undergraduate students trained to work with students to support their academic and personal growth. If you are interested in meeting with a PAC, please mention this during your first session with your professional academic coach.


      Please note: Faculty members making a referral to Dr. Scales on behalf of a student are encouraged to notify the appropriate class dean: For first-year students, Dean Rodocker; for second-year students, Dean McCoil; for  third-year and senior students, Dean Hobbs.

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         Please refer to our learning resources page for additional support with your academic skills.

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