The Harte Center Newsletter #39

Dear friends and colleagues: If you haven't yet had a chance to go outside and take a quiet, purposeless walk yet this month, now might be a good time. This e-mail can wait. For the rest of you, a few opportunities in the coming weeks that are important to our work as...

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The Harte Center Newsletter #38

Dear Colleagues, For those of you who have a Winter Break, I hope next week holds the promise of a few good books and lying on the floor with pets/children/aforementioned good books. For those of us without breaks, I think we're justified in having an extra cup of...

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The Harte Center Newsletter #36–Winter Term Events

Hello, all: I hope this finds you well at the end of a restful weekend and approximately, according to my sources who have Ph.D.'s in something more practical than Victorian Literature, 18/19ths of the way through the pandemic. This is just a quick e-mail regarding...

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The Harte Center Newsletter #35

Dear Colleagues: This will be a relatively short newsletter, containing two important opportunities: First, the last of this semester's luncheons discussing Departmental Initiatives in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will occur tomorrow, Tuesday, 16 November from...

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The Harte Center Newsletter #34

Dear Colleagues: At the moment when I'm drafting this, the sky is a perfect blue, there's a nice breeze, the trees are turning color, and there's a student standing on the stairs outside of my window, clearly confused because she thought her class was meeting in the...

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