This moment in history insists that we attend in explicit and deliberate ways to racism in every context. These resources are just a beginning to that work.

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We all pride ourselves on our teaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Because on occasion everyone could use a sounding board or an objective third party in the classroom, the Harte Center for Teaching and Learning provides both one-on-one consultations and classroom observations. Both of these services are available to all W&L faculty and teaching staff, and both are entirely confidential.

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The Harte Center Newsletter #42

Dear Colleagues: I hope that all of you take a moment to get outside and stretch your legs on this fine autumn day. As we wind into the month of November, a few notifications and a few reminders of Harte Center offerings. 1. Just in time for Winter Term registration, we're pleased to inform you that we've added a page on Faculty Advising Resources to the Harte Center website. The hope is that this is a "one-stop shop" for anyone helping students negotiate the registration process. 2. Also, a...

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If Content Is King, Maybe It’s Time for a Little Regicide?

  If Content Is King, Maybe It’s Time for a Little Regicide? by Paul Hanstedt It happens almost every time: I’ll be running a workshop on assignment design, or on curricular reform, or day-to-day instruction. Someone will raise their hand and say they teach chemistry or sociology or art history. They’ll look bashful, angry, or curmudgeonly. “I can’t do this,” they’ll say. “I don’t know about your field, but in my field, we have a lot of content to cover.” Just to be clear: my field is...

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How to Make Group Work Not Suck

How to Make Group Work Not Suck: Scaffolding the Collaborative ProcessThrough Agency and Self-RegulationBy Paul Hanstedt    Employers love collaborators. Communities needs collaborators. Democracy requires collaboration.Students hate collaboration.And faculty feel . . . well . . .. Meh? We know collaboration is powerful. We know that it both provides students skills they need and deepens their learning by exposing them to viewpoints different than their own. But is it worth the...

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W&L prides itself on the quality of its faculty-student interactions. Very often, that means face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, the present moment requires us to adapt to a variety of different modes of instruction. Here are a variety of resources for faculty in all fields. 

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