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Anti-Racist Pedagogies

This moment in history insists that we attend in explicit and deliberate ways to racism in every context. These resources are just a beginning to that work.

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Consultations and Observations

We all pride ourselves on our teaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Because on occasion everyone could use a sounding board or an objective third party in the classroom, the Harte Center for Teaching and Learning provides both one-on-one consultations and classroom observations. Both of these services are available to all W&L faculty and teaching staff, and both are entirely confidential.

The Harte Center Newsletter #39

Dear friends and colleagues: If you haven't yet had a chance to go outside and take a quiet, purposeless walk yet this month, now might be a good time. This e-mail can wait. For the rest of you, a few opportunities in the coming weeks that are important to our work as faculty and staff at a small liberal arts college that prides itself on the learning and well-being of its students. First, please go immediately and sign up for one or the other of Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh's talks on Tuesday,...

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The Harte Center Newsletter #38

Dear Colleagues, For those of you who have a Winter Break, I hope next week holds the promise of a few good books and lying on the floor with pets/children/aforementioned good books. For those of us without breaks, I think we're justified in having an extra cup of Italian coffee in the morning, or a nice glass of wine with dinner--or both! As we crest the peak of midterm, I just wanted to remind folks of upcoming events sponsored (and sometimes co-sponsored) by the Harte Center: After a brief...

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The Harte Center Newsletter #37–Writing Assignments and Faculty Teaching Scholars!

Dear Colleagues, I hope this bright and sunny Monday morning finds all of you well and refreshed and that you didn't waste your time (like some of us did) watching the stupid football team from your home state yet again lose a game they should have won. Not that I'm bitter or anything. This newsletter will be (mercifully) brief. First, just a gentle reminder that the workshop on creating effective assignment prompts will be this Friday from 3-4:30. This workshop, led by a professional writing...

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W&L prides itself on the quality of its faculty-student interactions. Very often, that means face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, the present moment requires us to adapt to a variety of different modes of instruction. Here are a variety of resources for faculty in all fields. 

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