Dear Colleagues —

I hope this finds all of you well, and that you and your families and friends are staying safe during these troubling times. As we begin to prepare for the coming term, I wanted to remind everyone of the resources to be found on the Harte Center website. Please keep in mind that this website is for both faculty and students. Indeed, it might be useful to include a link to the student resources in your syllabus. Everything from tips on how to succeed in virtual or hybrid environments to information about the writing center and other tutoring opportunities.

Preparing for your own classes, it might be useful to begin by revisiting our “Four Tips for Teaching in Winter Term.” Drawn from research and a student panel the last term these tips from November 4, 2020, Pedagogy, and (perhaps you have) Pizza #3 are applicable in any class regardless of discipline. They also focus on finding ways to capture the spirit of a liberal arts institution even in virtual or hybrid classes.

Other, more specific resources that may be of use include:


In addition, here are several new tools and resources you might find valuable and/or interesting:

  1. From Wake Forest University, a workload estimator that calculates the number of hours per week students will have to dedicate to your course.
  2. From Inside Higher Ed, a piece on improving group work in online courses.
  3. From colleagues at another institution, a list of tools that can be useful in virtual settings.
    1. Please note, some of these tools are not supported by W&L, so pick and choose carefully, based on your own comfort level with technology and experimentation.
    2. But also note: academic technologies has also run several excellent workshops on many of these tools, including Winter Academy sessions on Poll Everywhere, Perusall, Flipgrid, and OneNote. Videos of these sessions are available here.
  4. Finally, if everything else in this e-mail is making you feel overwhelmed, please read this brief article. Written by Mays Imad, who presented at W&L in June (scroll down to 24 June), this piece is essentially a survival guide for faculty and staff, reminding us that in order to attend to our students, we need to first attend to our own inner lives. (Thanks to Dr. Kristina Roney for sharing this with us!)

Take care, everyone. And remember: we don’t have to be perfect in order for our students to learn. We just have to be present.